At its core, INGARM is a collaborative effort among independent sources of thought, expertise and experiences. In our evolution, we have discovered that the efficient employment of technology has become one of the bedrocks to successful risk management, asset allocation and financial engineering.

We are also keenly aware that in many cases success requires a global perspective. In this regard, one of the sources we work with is FORRS a specialized consultancy for solution integration. FORRS is a business and integration consulting company run by seasoned experts in the trading and risk management industry. Based in Germany, FORRS has vast experience in conducting projects successfully on both a European and international level and at any scale. FORRS operates with a focus on asset and risk management in the Banking, Insurance, Energy, and Fund Management industries.

The FORRS approach is one of transparency in all business arrangements. Its staff is active across numerous cities, countries, industries, and cultures. Leveraging years of industry experience and a substantial affiliate and client network, its team of highly skilled experts are problem focused and solution driven across multiple areas of the financial services industry:


  • Designing and implementing a fully functional value chain for financial instruments is a complex challenge throughout all industries – such as finance, banking, energy, asset management or insurance
  • Leveraging experiences from projects in all industries enables us to provide seasoned advice – to the benefit of our clients and the results we deliver
  • We enable our customers to improve their abilities to perform at the highest levels of financial markets while managing involved risk
  • Our capabilities, expertise and services extend across all elements of the full value chain


Our expertise and services focus on the major challenge in market data and data management


    • Market data and data management concepts and systems
    • System selections, tenders (RFI/RFP), make or buy decision support
    • Business Architecture concepts and blueprinting
    • IT-Architecture concepts and vendor strategies
    • Integration of third-party solutions
    • Data vendor analysis and management
    • Data compliance and data ownership concepts and implementation
    • Historization, archiving, real-time data management concepts
    • Data cleansing and quality assurance concepts and implementation
    • Derived data concepts and calculations
    • Curve and volatility management and construction
    • Financial data analysis and financial data mining


Our expertise and services focus on the major challenge in front office and expert solutions for pricing and valuation


    • Trading system architectures and blueprints
    • Deep understanding of financial instruments and markets
    • System selections, tenders (RFI/RFP), make or buy decision support
    • Trading system architectures – efficient implementation concepts
    • Integration of third-party solutions
    • Configuration and implementation of market standard third-party solutions
    • Valuation and pricing model development and system parametrizations
    • Quantitative models for pricing and valuation in the energy, banking, asset management and insurance industry
    • Business Case supporting Algorithms
    • Deal capture and pricing processes – concepts, solution design, models
    • Sensitivities and greeks concepts and implementation
    • Profit and loss concepts and calculation



Our expertise and services focus on the major challenges in backend processing and downstream operations


    • Risk and accounting system architectures and blueprints
    • System selections, tenders (RFI/RFP), make or buy decision support
    • Business architecture concepts and blueprinting
    • Downstream interfacing and reconciliation concepts
    • Integration of third-party solutions
    • Risk methodologies & aggregations, such as
      • Regulatory reporting
      • Risk data aggregations (i.e., BCBS239, and more)
      • Risk methodologies (i.e., SA-CCR, FRTB, MaRisk, and more)
    • Backoffice & Settlement process management and optimization
    • Accounting & Regulations, including
      • National and International Accounting Standards
      • IFRS 9, IAS 39, IFRS 4, IFRS 13, IAS 36
      • HGB, UGB, French GAAP,CH GAAP, US GAAP



User Acceptance Framework for Regulatory Reporting (ongoing) – Design and development of a regulatory approval testing framework for all risk and financial figures within the global data warehouse of a leading investment bank

Leasing Platform (completed) – Business architecture and development of a template-based specification model for a European leasing services provider on the basis of a generic capability approach

Commodity Forward Curves Engine (ongoing) – Simulation and calculation engine design and development for a multi-commodity environment for a leading European energy supplier

Market Data System (ongoing) – Design and development of a lightweight market data management system for a leading commodities trading company

Gas Trading System (completed) – System selection (RFI/RFP) for a gas trading system; system design and integration for a leading commodities trading company

Multi-Commodity Market Data Landscape (ongoing) – System development and functional extension of a multi-commodity market data landscape of a leading commodities- and energy trading company

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