INGARM is a collaborative effort among independent sources of thought, expertise and experiences. Over the years, we have lead joint ventures and worked with numerous institutions in creating financial products, restructuring troubled firms and opening new business initiatives. In this regard, one of the organizations we work with is Impact Partners. Impact Partners is a business advisory group that assists clients in managing for value by executing, problem solving, capital acquisition and utilization of processes. Impact Partners areas of expertise include but are not limited to: (a) turnaround and workout programs for entities at risk; (b) human capital management; (c) resource management; and (d) strategic planning.

The basic components of Impact Partners’ work process are: diagnostic; identification of opportunities; and, planning and goal alignment. The basic output is the implementation of a new plan while adapting to cultural change, providing enhanced efficiency and improved services while simultaneously positioning an organization for growth.



While Impact Partners has a broad and diverse consulting practice, it has developed a particular expertise in assisting mid and small capitalization firms in creating jobs and value. It has successfully worked with organizations in manufacturing, distribution, formal business processes, health care, transportation, and technology in redirecting their efforts and meeting reorganization goals.

In addition to working with a wide variety of commercial financing alternatives for clients, Impact Partners have been leaders in providing clients the resources of Certified Capital Companies (CAPCO). These programs allow states to access large pools of capital otherwise unavailable to them by offering state premium tax credits to insurance companies. CAPCO provides a unique and previously underutilized source of funding for venture capital investing through certified investment companies, who prudently invest those funds into small businesses with growth potential.  More than sixty of the nation’s top insurance companies have participated in similar programs as investors.  Typically, the funds are raised and invested at the beginning of the program, while the tax credits are allocated over seven to 10 years. The goal of CAPCO programs is to strengthen local economies by: (a) stimulating the flow of capital to early-stage businesses that are unable to access traditional financing; (b) building venture capital infrastructure; (c) creating high-paying jobs; and (d) increasing tax revenues.

Overall, the touchstone of Impact Partners’ work is job creation and business continuity as well as the growth and preservation of wealth.